Why to Buy FIFA Coins

To buy fifa coins is argued better than purchasing packs in game. Let’s look at each option and you can decide if buying fifa coins is for you.
Buying fifa coins will allow you to:
  • Purchase the player you want
  • Give you enough coins to trade efficiently in the market (easier to trade with 200k rather than 20k)
  • You can sell back your coins (this will be at a rate lower than the price you paid)
Buying packs in game will allow you to:
  • Have a chance of getting a very expensive card such as IF Messi. But the chances of this happening are very slim
  • Get several players in a pack which could inspire different squads
  • Get a surprise! (So a bit of fun)
In game packs are constantly criticised as people spend their coins/fifa points and get absolutely nothing of value. There are several YouTube videos of fifa pack openings so maybe have a look here to get a feeling of how many packs are required to be opened to get value.
I recommend buying fifa coins rather than packs just because there’s more certainty. You could purchase coins and get the player you want and any leftover coins you could get some packs.
U4FIFA recommends purchasing from the below fifa coin sellers.

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